We Need Your Support

Please join us in helping to preserve these life histories for future generations. Your tax-deductible donation can make a real difference. A fundamental principle of YourStory involves making our services available to as many people as possible. Every single life history is important and worth preserving. For this reason, we offer our services to cancer patients and their families without charge.

YourStory is a non-profit project of the College of Humanities at the University of Utah funded by grants, personal donations and corporate and foundation gifts. If you could help in any way---no matter how small the donation—it will allow us to continue this wonderful work. Join the other generous donors who support YourStory.

Our Donors

Our grateful appreciation to the following major YourStory donors:

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Current Funding Needs

Our current funding needs include:

  • Blank CDs and CD cases ($50 for one week’s worth)
  • Internships for university students trained in oral history and life story preservation ($1000 per semester)
  • Transcription and editing for life history books for patients at Huntsman Cancer Institute ($70 per transcript)
  • Funding to send a YourStory intern on “house calls” to record the life stories of those who are physically unable to reach our recording studio. ($500)
  • Purchase of a digital audio recorder and microphone for out-of-the-studio “home visit” recording ($450)
  • The important work that we do depends on investments by generous donors like you.

Our Address:

American West Center
University of Utah
1995 De Trobriand St., FD 618,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84113

For additional information on how you might contribute to the work of YourStory, please call (801) 541-5374.

Please join us!