Memory Triggers

If you are just beginning to record life stories, the first thing you might want to know is what are the best questions to ask to elicit meaningful memories. If you are a seasoned facilitator, you might be interested in expanding your repertoire of memory triggers to get a new perspective on this work. Our almost-all-inclusive list is intended not to suggest that an individual storyteller answer all the questions presented, but rather to offer a rich range of potential questions for facilitators to select from. In addition, there are surely some memories that you already feel are important to include. Jot these down in a word or two so you don’t forget. And don’t be afraid to deviate from the list at any time. Flexibility in the process of facilitating life stories is the paramount "rule"!

Here you will find two different presentations of our suggestions for Memory Triggers.

The first is a collection of questions for a Guided Life Story Interview with photographic as well as written memory triggers.

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The second collection of questions is presented chronologically and organized in individual Life Stages Modules.