Record your Own

Everyone has a story to tell and if it isn’t recorded the valuable lessons of a lifetime might be lost forever.

For many years the YourStory project offered to record the life stories of anyone who made an appointment at one of our studios. As the demand for more recording time at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital grew exponentially, and as requests from hospice organizations across the state of Utah to train their volunteers expanded in a similar way, YourStory has changed its recording priorities. We now primarily offer facilitation of life story recording for cancer patients and their families at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital.

If you are a cancer patient, please call for more information and an appointment: (801) 541-5374.

How to Record Your Story

In order to meet the needs of others who wish to record their stories or those of relatives and friends, we have reorganized this website to provide training in interviewing strategies and advice about the various ways life stories can be preserved. This Do-It-Yourself Life Story kit includes a list of memory triggers, free training videos, and a compilation of resources in print and digital form.

If you are a staff member at a hospice, nursing facility or hospital you may also be interested in other printed training materials, offered at a nominal charge to you and your volunteers. Please call us for the details at (801) 541-5374.