Sue Durrant

In this selection Sue Durrant describes working in the towel room at the YWCA.

c.1945 — Photo shows Y-Teen Girl Reserves in a candlelight program. Though this picture shows a congenial group of girls from different races, clubs were racially segregated, a common practice at the time. Developing interracial understanding was one of the challenges for the YWCA leadership, as noted in a 1943 report:

"Although all conferences are interracial, actually in the department the only interracial activities are the monthly Council meetings... The Negro girls are organized into a separate club, and both they and the white girls seem to think it much better that way. The crude attempts 'to be nice' to the Negro girls when they appear for these meetings, show a need for more interracial activity and understanding."

Used by permission, YWCA of Salt Lake City.

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