Judy Davis

Judy Davis gives us a real understanding of the importance of the Public Affairs committee of the YWCA in advocating for women’s issues in this selection.

c. 1950’s — Photograph shows the YWCA public affairs committee. The YWCA has always been an organization that brings women together to share ideas and companionship. The YWCA public affairs group discussed and acted on legislation, social issues, and educated the public. Because the members were all volunteers the strength of the group was subject to the energy and time of the volunteers. Throughout its history the YWCA public affairs committee has been very active during some years, while in other years the committee ceased to function.

"The Public Affairs Committee, are all engaged in helping to create that illusive yet powerful thing, 'public opinion', by which a better social order may come to pass and one in which all persons may 'have life and have it abundantly.'" 
1936 — YWCA of Salt Lake City Report.

Used by permission, Special Collections Dept., J.W. Marriott Library - University of Utah.

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