Jane Edwards

In this selection Jane Edwards tells us about the original mission of the YWCA in Salt Lake City.

1909 – Photograph shows train arriving at Union Station. One of the needed services for women and children traveling by train at the turn of the century was to have a place to rest with reasonable bathroom accommodations. YWCA members met each train and provided unaccompanied women travelers with food, assistance, a safe place to stay, and even money when needed. One YWCA member wrote:

"The delays on railroads during the last few months have been trying to the passengers and have often meant serious inconvenience and sometimes real suffering. Often when trains are late at one depot, I walk over to the other and work awhile, or go to the hospital or rooming house to see some traveler who is sick and lonely and often without money."

Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.

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